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"Don't ever let me smell another man on you Kitten." He pinned me up against the wall holding my hands above my head. "You are mine.... Only mine." ------------------------------------- Rafael Santigo Montez, heir to The Montez Mafia. On the streets he's known as The Shiv. Deadly with his hands and even deadlier with a blade in them, he is not the one to fuck with. Isadora Fiorella Cortez, a feisty little new comer that has just applied to work for a strip club called The Silver Paw. Little does she know that not only is her boss panty dropping hot, but he's in the mafia. Tables take a turn when she bumps into him on her first night working as a server. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• (This is my book from Chapters Interactive Stories. Since the writing style is different on that app, I had to adjust and make a few minor changes.) Kitten has over 1 million reads on Chapters! I'm so over the moon that they love it so much and I hope you guys love it too! Please do not copy my book! I worked hard on it and would appreciate it if you didnt steal my work.


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by AmberTaylor444