Oh God Not You Again
By -0-Rag_3_doll-0-
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So basically in this story, Izuku Midoriya is a Quirkless Vigilante Prostitute hero thing and just doesn't give a damn about his life He had a hard passst...Cause yeee...Anyway, this story was for fun! But my friend said to post it and yeahh here we are! 👌 This will have a bunch of ships Involving Villains and Heros Ha Enjoyyy >[WARNINGS]< (So far) -Trigger Warnings -Fluff/Leamon/Smut (Whatever you want to call it) -Cursing -Suicide Attempts -brutal Humor -Prostitution -Violence -Gore (EdIt: hey apparently my stupid fan fiction I made for fun one day then was told to post it online by a friend offends people. Dunno if I already metions warnings but whatever. Don't read if you don't like me making a joke about Corona Virus "Then We Shared Corona" Is what I wrote I think and uhhh don't like me making Izuku Midoriya fuck men who are twice his age? Abuse and dark humor will at some point be in this so uh please leave if you don't like these things. Or stay and be offended, it's not really my problem. I just write shit okay? Don't get mad at me, it kinda hurts my nonexistent feelings ;D ) DON'T TAKE MY STORY SERIOUSLY-


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Oh God No...
by -0-Rag_3_doll-0-