The Soulmate Perfor...
By TheWeirdGirlHere
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Izuki Midoriya, and 15 year old girl who starts her first day at U.A Dance Academy. She makes a few friends but after a few weeks she hears of a group of dancers and their leader "Ground Zero". Once she see's one of their performances she starts to think about starting her own. She starts as a solo act under the name of "wonder solo" and she quickly rise to the top. Now, a week away from her birthday and getting her soulmate mark she has a choice of accepting a challenge from Ground Zero to a dance off and the loser has to join the other team or she could ignore the challenge and stay solo. ~~~~~~~ "So what's going to be Wonder Solo, you accept or not?" "Not giving me time to think about it, huh Ground Zero?" "Nope, so it's now or never." ~~~~~~~ This is my first story I've ever written and published so pls be nice .^. I have a online friend of mine who sometimes edits the story for me when he can. I hope this book is good tho, but uh enjoy reading! (I'll try and see if I can have a small update schedule if this book goes somewhere. And book cover isn't my drawing)


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The Soulm...
by TheWeirdGirlHere