Strip(A Chris Brown...
By sammyyluvs_u
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"Daddy! We finally get to see you!" I froze as Madison squealed. Chris whispered to his bodyguard. Suddenly, he started to clear people out. "Come on, kids" I rushed, only to be grabbed around the waist. "Mya? My Mya?" Tears fell down my face as I turned to him. "Yes. That's me" he grabbed my face and stroked it. "My Mya" he whispering voice sent me chills. His lips smashed mine, sending sparks. Mya Simmons is a 20 year old that is the CEO of a big music company. She was struggling to say the truth of anything. She has beautiful twins. Boy and girl. With no dad. And worst of all, her baby-daddy doesn't even know. Chris Brown is 20 year old man in the music business. But he missed his old life. One person he miss of all, was Mya Simmons. He admit he loved her, but not in love with her. What happens when he see her with kids? He think she's married and claimed, only to discover that they're his blood. He can't date her or see her with anyone. What can we say, he's possessive.


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Strip(A C...
by sammyyluvs_u