Fallen Angel (Prequ...
By PatriciaPuddle
  • Romance
  • action
  • angels
  • comedy
  • demons
  • love
  • nathaniel
  • thriller


When Devlin arrives late for the birth of Eloise O’Conner, he can’t believe his best friend has taken over his position as her guardian angel. Though Devlin pleads with him to hand the child’s guardianship back over to him, Nathaniel refuses. The two angels have been friends for thousands of years, but after seeing how sick and vulnerable the baby is after a difficult birth, Nathaniel isn't willing to risk her life with a tardy, irresponsible angel. Devlin’s new obsession with fallen angels and sexy women seem to be affecting his judgement and Nathaniel believes he’ll be too distracted to guard Eloise. Outraged, Devlin accuses Nathaniel of betrayal and threatens to guide Eloise, with or without his approval. After eighteen years of loneliness and missing his best friend, Nathaniel hopes Devlin will come to his senses and visit him, but the day Devlin arrives, the battle of the two angels begins.

Chapter One - Devlin (Updated)

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Fallen An...
by PatriciaPuddle