The Golemite
By authorhlumelo
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Anele is an earth witch, capable of transmuting dirt into a strange black clay at will. Though she would die before letting anyone learn of her magic, that clay means little more than a rare decorative paint to her adoptive village, and even less to her. But somewhere far north of her new home, that clay is prized above diamonds and opals, and petty kings have ruined small kingdoms for just a vat of its properties and raw potential. When the most powerful citizens in Imperial Vanille learn of a young woman who can make this treasure from soil, a silent, bloody race sparks across the embassies, merchant offices, and sprawling palaces of the state. But they are not the only ones after the earth witch; some have more practical and dangerous uses for her magic. Not that Anele cares. Just as a dozen bounty armies are sent south to capture her, personal tragedy strikes, awakening her power tenfold. Alone and with her magic growing unstable, she sets herself the ultimate task: ending her life before she turns the continent into a pool of magma. if only dying were that easy for one of her blood. A sprawling tale where alchemists, warriors, and celestial bounty hunters chase one woman whose power might nudge the lesser gods of the world. Her strange origins and haunted past, it seems, are the only thing capable of truly destroying her. Good thing, then, that destruction is exactly what she's looking for. UPDATED DAILY.


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The Golem...
by authorhlumelo