To Catch A Dream
By tocatchadream512
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • beyourself
  • cheating
  • combat
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  • highschool
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  • suicide


Jonah: Life's been a rollercoaster of emotions. I was always the golden boy, perfect grades, football team captain and star. Athletic, likable, the type of person anyone would want to be friends with. I meet Rose, and she changes me. I feel different around her and its scary. Just when I think things are going perfect my world comes crashing down. Everything I knew, all of it was a lie. Then the girl who showed me who I am, the girl who I loved exits my life without my consent. Bailey enters my life, she's otherworldly, unreal, like a dream. Before I know it my heart beats for her, as she holds my hand and leads me out of the darkness. ---Title by @_GirlyCurly_ Bailey: Life's been a humdrum infinity. All it is for me is falling and getting back up. Mom left me, and Dad, he's still there, but long gone from reality. I'm drowning in that roiling sea of pain, sinking further as each day passes. The only way to stop this destructive cycle is to cut myself off from emotions, and I did. I meet this guy, Jonah, who brings me into this forgotten terrain exploding within my mind, creating infinite possibilities, a dreamland. I love Jonah, who holds me close, mending all my shattered pieces together, making me whole.

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To Catch...
by tocatchadream512