Crimson Reprisal [C...
By MoltenHeat
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Forgotten that magic once ruled the Sevi Lands, the return of a bloodcrawler threatens the lasting peace of the livings. At the center of the conflict lies the knights of Amor, struggling to defend the amity of the kingdom. The Sword, Flurkin Venetian, struggles to persist within the walls, while his adopted son, Kenneth Venetian, plans ahead for his trip to Redwood Village, in search of his origins. However, the appearance of the bloodcrawler changed his course of journey. Accompanied by several brave men, they set out a thrilling adventure towards the Kingdom of Alora, finding the truth of the black magic. A war is about the begin, between men, dwindles, mages and dragons, no one is ever safe. The clouds soon turns to blood and have painted the land with red. The disastrous catastrophe thus staged the tale of the crimson reprisal. [Status] Ongoing - Beta Version [Updates] - At least 1 chapter per week [Currently on hold for revision] [Note] Feel free to let me know any flaws!

I | The Alorian Knight

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Crimson R...
by MoltenHeat