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CANNOT be read as a Standalone! In order to understand any of the chapters published in this book, you have to read Book 1 through to Book 6 plus the spin off books, or at least those that's published, ongoing or completed, in order to understand the extra scenes that will be connected to the specified book and characters... This book is a combination of all the books of the Romano Series, it contains bonus chapters, updates on the characters of each book from Book 1 to book 6, as well as the two spin off books, and extra scenes of each book of the Romano Series... (Bonus chapters of Completed and/or ongoing books) The bonus chapters will be of the following books: ⤵️ Book 1 - Cheated then knocked up by Romano (Stephano & Kiara) Book 2 - Loving Ronano (Same as above) Book 3 - Taming Aurora (Dante & Aurora) Book 4 - Secret Lovers (Giovanni, Gabriella & Ziara) Book 5 - I'm in love with my best friend's sister (Elijah & Giorgia) Book 6 - The Romano Twins (Alessandro & Alessandra) Spin off to Book 2 - Damaged into darkness (Roberto & Carla) Spin off to Book 3 - Ecstasy of the heart (Justin & Laura) This is the final book of the Romano Series but it will always be an ONGOING BOOK... Meaning, I will be updating chapters regularly. Bonus chapters and extra scenes will be written and posted HERE, during and after any books I publish on Wattpad... (WARNING!!! 18+ ONLY ➡ THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE AND EXPLICIT MATURE SCENES) ***I DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MEDIA SUCH AS PICTURES, VIDEOS, GIFS OR SONGS I MIGHT USE IN THIS BOOK***


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