Man Or Monster
By read_write_sleep_eat
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Callum Black. That was Callum's name yet he was never called that. His family, his pack, his peers, and just about everybody else called him by names like weak, pathetic, fat, slut, whore, and many other along those lines. Why? Simply because he wasn't like everybody else. He wasn't like his siblings he wasn't big or strong he was little and scared. He was an Omega. He was the son of a Beta he was supposed to be big and strong like his older siblings but he wasn't. He was also gay. That shouldn't have mattered either, but it did. As soon as his family found out he was an Omaga they turned their backs on him. His entire family and pack treated him like crap. Ryker Adam's was the son of the Alpha, and soon to be Alpha. His entire life he was treated like a king and thrived off attention. It was simple for him. He was amazing. He was King. He was everything. In his eyes he was God. So when he found that little Callum was his mate he did what the people wanted. He rejected him. Ryker was never nice to Callum as a matter of fact he was one of Callum's biggest bullies. His ego and pride blinded him. He broke Callum's heart. So Callum did the only thing he could. He ran. And over the years that he was gone things changed. The pack and himself especially. So when four years had passed and everybody began losing hope. They were shocked to see him stroll into the dining room. Only to be more shocked to see that this wasn't the Callum that they remembered. This was a man, a monster.


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Man Or Mo...
by read_write_sleep_eat