My Nerd
By MariaE_writes
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Depresed. This is Amaya Elizabeth Hudson's state. Why, you would ask? High school is just a pain in the ass for her. She was always that cheerful nerd, easy going ginger who was always excited for high school and what it provides for both learning and friends. But it turned wrong for her when she actually got in. But now, senior year changes. Her twin brother being the one to finally pull her from all this by one move. And Michael Jewels by another pull. Join her in her little story, when closed doors open again. ••• "You are beautiful inside out." "Don't forget the nerd part." "So? It doesn't matter. You are MY NERD." ••• This book starts as SWEET as some people would like to call it. There isn't much drama at first and everyone would think that this is how the whole book is. But I promise, it's not like that. The DRAMA part comes at the middle chapters of the book or so. Because let's face it, everything in LIFE starts as sweet and nice but then drama gets in the middle. So give it a try and don't assume on your own, thanks you very much. ... Highest ranking: #1 in bullied. #10 in Life Story #4 in nerd fighter #5 in Nerdxbadboy #4 nerdxboy #5 in nerd girl #14 in desperate #20 in badboynextdoor. #99 in badboygoodgirl ••• Cover made by @Ethereal_Solare Started: 24/8/2019 Finished:

Chapter 1

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My Nerd
by MariaE_writes