Secrets- A Severus...
By spuddygal
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What if Severus Snape had a secret, what if that secret involved a woman, what if this woman wasn't Lily Evans, but her sister. its been 12 years since the murder of Aurora Eldrid-Evans and the Potters, 12 years since Sirius Black was imprisoned for the murder of his closest friends, 12 years since Harry Potter was left without a family and 12 years since Severus took on the role as a double agent to Dumbledore and as the strict potions professor at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry; but what the students don't know is that behind his harsh and stony exterior Severus is a really a broken individual. But what if there were secrets that were kept behind the scenes, secrets that not even Dumbledore knows, secrets that if they were to be revealed would shock the public, so hidden away is where they will stay. But not for long. -------- I do not own or claim to own the Harry Potter series they rightfully belong to J.K. Rowling I only own my OC and her plot in the story. I am also changing the gender of the cat Crookshanks to make the plot make sense.

Chapter 1- Welcome Home Crookshanks

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by spuddygal