Someone You Loved (...
By Harry_hi_
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Louis and Harry were dating in 2013 through to 2015 but broke up at the beginning of the hiatus. They broke up because Harry thought it would be easier for the two of them to be a part longer then if they were still together. But Louis found it different, he was just getting used to being the one Harry loved and when it was taken away he felt useless and worthless. And what none of them expected was for Louis' whole life to come crashing down and everyone he loves starts dying (his mum, his Nan, his granddad and even his sister). And when Louis thinks his life is a shit hole and not needed, Liam gets the band back together. Louis don't want to get back with Harry because he don't want to be hurt again, but when he thinks his life is going to get worse he reaches out to the only person who will listen, Harry, and they end up getting back together. (I will start this at the begging of when Louis' life falls, his mother's death R.I.P Jay, and there will be some time jumps) Maybe a little smut 🙃

Then You Pulled The Rug

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Someone Y...
by Harry_hi_