0800 Hours [slash]
By AlyWasHere17
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After a devastating disease wipes out most of humanity, 16-year-old Cameron MacRiada must survive alone when he misses his scheduled evacuation. ***** "0800 hours. It's been four days since I stopped going to school. Seven since the last teacher stopped showing up though, so I reckon there's not much point any more. My dad was raging - he thinks that teachers have a duty to their students or something. I did point out that their contracts probably didn't include an apocalypse clause, but here we are." Three years after the Infection first ravaged humanity, mankind is on the brink of extinction. Society is collapsing; resources are exhausted; the British Sanctuaries are overwhelmed by the constant influx of evacuees. And in the midst of the chaos, a secluded boy in the Scottish highlands decides to document his isolated lifestyle as he awaits evacuation. Who knew the apocalypse could be so fucking boring? ~a story told in sound~

0800 Hours: Preface

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0800 Hour...
by AlyWasHere17