The Children From T...
By daydreamingninja007
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Many claim the world is falling to ruin. There are wars, global warming, poverty, starvation, racism, sexism and hundreds of billions of other flaws. What these people do not know is that there is another world. One far worse. The personifications of all the worlds nations knew the truth however. They all told about the mirror and how easy it was for something to grab you and pull you in. That was why it was guarded. But being guarded and surrounded with mystery left people to be curious. When four people, children of some of the most dangerous inhabitants of the other world cross over due to no one to trade spots, no one is sure how much longer this world will be the beautiful one like they claim. Hetalia isn't mine! And yes... I put in OCs so they belong to me. No getting mad over the parents because it was a random thing with impulses. Cover is by Cast1elW1nchester they're extremely talented in designing covers and their stories are amazing!

Chapter 1

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The Child...
by daydreamingninja007