Interstellar Love
By sunshinedaisies2000
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A look of shock flashes over his face before he disguises it with a smirk and says," Is that so? Well then, I guess that means I'll have to stay by your side all night." Genuinely curious, I tilt my head and say,"Why?" He leans in and whispers," I can't have guys staring at my girl all night, now can i?" Knowing he was just flirting, I push him away and say," Your girl? Puh-lease, you can't handle all of this." gesturing to my body and placing emphasis on the "all". He looks at me somewhat seriously and says," Wanna bet?"before placing his hands on my hips and pulling me up against him. i duck my head and blush. AXEL POV I'm addicted to her. She's like my own brand of heroine. I can't get enough. I surrendered my heart to her the day we met. WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE.

Hey beautiful

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by sunshinedaisies2000