My Darling- Loki x...
By no_men_like_him
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Disclaimer: Mature themes, smut (marked by a black heart in the chapter titles) #1 frost giant 03/07/20 #3 lokixreader 12/23/19 #1 joutunheim 11/14/20 #1 bifrost 11/25/20 #2 long 7/15/21 THIS STORY IS BEING RE-WRITTEN AS OF NOVEMBER 2023. I'LL UPDATE AS SOON AS I'M DONE! There's not a whole lot to be said about your story. Except that there might be, when a certain trickster god shows up to kill you and everyone you know and love. In a whirlwind romance brought to you by anaradawkinswrites, the reader and the god of mischief are taken on a journey of love, pain, trials, and triumphs. The world is a dangerous place, but to fight for this world is well worth it.

Part 1, Chapter 1: This World We Dream of

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My Darlin...
by no_men_like_him