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((Currently, I am rewriting this story to fit my current writing style, given this was written when I was in high school and I am in college now. There are a lot of changes, but I am leaving the original because I still like looking back on it. You can find the new & improved rewrite here: https://www.wattpad.com/433738666-an-opera-ghost-a-phantom-of-the-opera-fanfiction )) Florence was supposed to be the first child to Raoul and Christine de Chagny. Sadly, that wasn't the case. From the moment her parents saw her black eyes they knew Raoul was in no way the father. They knew it was the Phantom who had given Christine the child to make them suffer. Raoul, unable to keep this ghost of his past, takes Florence to the Opera Populaire knowing the Phantom still was lurking there as they tried to restore the place.The Phantom was in fact still there and he gladly took his daughter, hoping to raise her to be one of the opera's greatest singers. And as she grew, it was obvious his plans would succeed. But when Florence begins to fall for one of her patrons, will the Phantom allow her to love? *Just so you know, this is not just about the Phantom's daughter, but also about the Phantom himself, the Giry's, and the de Chagny's*

An Opera Ghost- A Phantom of the Opera Fan Fiction

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by cashleykate