Taken by the Biker
By tamlaura1
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • action
  • afterdark
  • anger
  • assult
  • badboys
  • biker-gang
  • danger
  • fear
  • featured
  • hate
  • hotromance
  • love
  • matureromance
  • newadult
  • passion
  • romance
  • steamy
  • violence


Cover made by LakshmiNambiar--------------------------------------Destiny Knight, a twenty-one-old waitress from a small town in Texas found herself involved in a relationship with Ed Cilpin, the town's bully. Her parents died when she was a child, leaving her with an elderly grandmother who recently passed away. At first, he treated her like a princess, made her feel loved and soon she moved in with him. She had no idea the horrors she would endure. The changed in him seemed to slowly sneak up on her, before she knew what was happening she was isolated from friends, only allowed to work in the diner. She had become his prisoner, abused, beaten and tortured. When she tried to leave he would bring her back and made her regret trying to leave. She was doomed until one day a gang of bikers showed up in town, the leader would soon become her saviour. Diego Sanchez, twenty-eight-year-old biker felt something for the lovely waitress at first sight, sensing she needed saving takes it upon himself to do just that.

Chapter 1

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Taken by...
by tamlaura1