The Vanguard Vixen
By adretaRyder
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Sometime in the future the earth has been split into territories led by tyrannical dictators. V169, or, as she is codenamed, Vivian is one of the Vanguard's most lethal assassins. She takes names and takes lives, never letting anything stand between her and the mission. But when she is given an almost impossible target to destroy, she is forced to realise just how far the actual story goes, and the role that she plays in it. Together with a renegade clone and a wanted journalist who stole from the most powerful man on the planet, she forges her way across the battlefield, in search of the the truth about herself in a conspiracy that threatens to break the world into another war. Cover by @AdmiralAdry ***** AWARDS -1st in Action, Golden awards 2020 -1st in Action, Savant Awards 2020 -1st in Action, Creory Awards 2020 -1st in Action, Butterfly Awards 2020 -1st in Action, Peacock Awards 2020 -1st in SciFi, Boxed Talent Awards 2020 -2nd place in Action, The Young Writers Awards 2020 -2nd place Action, Jade Awards 2020 2nd place Action, Evergreen Awards 2020 -2nd in Adventure, Skyfall awards 2020 -3rd in Action, EC Awards 2020 -Best Title, Special Categories, Savant Awards 2020 -Best Introductory Chapter, the Library Awards 2020 -Best Character, Peacock Awards 2020 -Crowd Favorite, Peacock Awards 2020


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The Vangu...
by adretaRyder