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By ultimatefantasy13
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Welcome To all things Graphic Who am I and How do I figure into the world of Graphics? First off I am no expert, but I have worked with designers - talented individuals who literally produce the most beautiful designs, rich in detail and thought. We may have parted ways but ideas linger and designing will never stop. This is my own workshop of a sorts. If you see a cover you desire and wish to use it, do inform me first and then you may use it. It doesnt hurt if you credit me too. These designs are all created by me so I would not appreciate if any design is used without informing me. Designing is no feat no matter how complicated or simple the design may be. A simple message is all I really need I do create custom designs too, but you may want to send me a DM or a shout out on my page and I will get back to you. I do value comments and a mini review doesn't hurt. Cheers. Fathima


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by ultimatefantasy13