World War K: What I...
By MasterGojira19
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Imagine a world where humans and kaiju both coexist. But instead of them living together in harmony, the monsters live in their own society where that peace is never broken. Many of them live peacefully amongst chains of islands while some battle for dominance. Over the years, many of these kaiju formed their own factions and empires in order to come out on top and become the King of the Monsters. One faction, led by a golden hydra, is on the verge of rising above the others but little do they know that one member of the Godzilla species could change their war forever... this period of Earth's history is known as: World War K Contains Strong Language I don't own anything All rights belong to Legendary Pictures and Toho Co., Ltd.

Chapter 1: Where The Ocean Will Take Me

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World War...
by MasterGojira19