The Emotional Child...
By missholmes-of-gondor
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Sherlock rescues Irene Adler from the hands of terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan: setting her free and securing a place in his heart for her. But after the said events at the conclusion of A Scandal in Belgravia, so much remains undisclosed about their interesting relationship: an adventure in Berlin in the wake of The Reichenbach Fall ties them closer together, prying open their icy hearts once more. But even later still, in the aftermath of The Final Problem, an old enemy returns to seal Sherlock's fate. Will the detective and the woman have the courage to trust one another and risk vulnerability as they join forces in more ways than one? Rated T for bits of sexual discussion, language, and violence. In chapter three, a character recollects the struggle leading up to a rape (I don't write the gory, explicit sexual details of the rape). Post-Pakistan, Post-Reichenbach, Post-S4. Sticks to the canon, with author's own imagined Adlock possibilities. Full of Sherlockian action... :) No copyright infringement intended. Sherlock is a trademark of the BBC and of Hartwood Films.

When He Said 'Run'

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The Emoti...
by missholmes-of-gondor