Blooming Flower
By SVTSwrites
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She's his blooming flower. He's her sunshine. She needs her water and sunshine to thrive and blossom into something beautiful. He's willing to do whatever it takes for her sunshine and water to come, because all he wants is for her to bloom. He's simple, optimistic, smart, sweet, and somewhat naive. She's pessimistic, sarcastic, intelligent, blunt, and senses bull crap from a mile away. But, most importantly, they're best friends. Together, they spark the world's envy with the happiness and color that explodes from their presence. ******* Being best friends, Manish and Ashwini have been through everything together. They've brought out the best in each other, been there for the worst, motivated them through the toughest of times, and faced the roughest of situations. As they move into their careers, Ashwini is convinced that nothing can tear them apart. However, when an offer for Manish surfaces that could lead him hundreds of miles away from home, Ashwini realizes the possibility of her friendship with Manish being doomed. Now, she faces the possibility of their friendship being damaged, and now this flower has to discover how on earth she can live without her sunshine. New chapters every Saturday until marked completed in August 2020! Featured on @FreeThePOC 's "New Adult" and "Featured" reading list! Highest rankings: #99 in shortstory #5 in problems #5 in novella #116 in bestfriends #187 in heartbreak #6 in prequel #402 in family #151 in relationship #84 in indian #116 in jealousy #56 in generalfiction #44 in slowburn #263 in newadult

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