Asylum [BNHA]
By XxScarletMaidenxX
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Enji Todoroki strived to be number one. As did many other ambitious individuals, he found himself a wife with a quirk he thought would be suitable to mold strong children that would also achieve greatness. She was quiet and meek, perfect wife material. She wouldn't question or challenge him. After a year of marriage, Rei gave birth to twins. A boy with a head of crimson hair and a girl with a head of white hair. Toya and Tira. Toya their first-born son was strong and healthy, Tira seemed underweight and a little weak. She had to stay in the hospital a few days longer. Enji worried the white-haired infant was defective in some way but his reservations dissipated once they brought her home from the hospital. A year later Rei gave birth to a second daughter, Fuyumi. A few years later, another son, Natsuo. Enji wanted several children in case his and Rei's quirks didn't blend how he had anticipated. Early on Toya showed promise with a strong fire quirk and Tira showed promise with a strong ice quirk. Neither Fuyumi or Natsuo seemed promising so he barely paid them any mind. Instead, Enji spent his time pushing Toya and Tira to their limits trying to make them stronger. Warning: Twincest

Chapter One

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Asylum [B...
by XxScarletMaidenxX