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"I've killed. I've slaughtered. I've done unspeakable things, and I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for one as evil as me. That means there is hope for you, my angel." "And how do you know that?" I ask bitterly. He presses his fingers to my chin, tilting my face up to stare down at me. "Because as soon as I saw you, I knew there was hope." ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ ✄❥ Anyone who stands within a foot of the werewolf that is Tressa assumes that she is exactly what she wants them to think. A bitch. A tough, mean exterior is simply her way of keeping herself safe. Safe from her mother's abuse, from her pack's attention, even from herself. Inside of Tressa's harsh defenses is a lost girl longing to be loved, longing to break free. Ryk is a lycan, and he's evil. Pure evil. He relishes in killing, and bathing in the blood of anyone who stands in his way. But, he has not always been this way. Dark magic and manipulation hold him captive inside his own body as a prisoner. A battle wages inside him between light and dark, wrong and right. And there's only one person who can save him, and she's just as twisted as he is. *Book 1.5 of the Selenophilia series Best read AFTER Klepto If you read this book by itself you will be ultra confused, and get major spoilers It's more of a companion Novella of sorts You have been warned. lol* Rated PG-13 for mild language, violence, abuse, and themes of eating disorders. Read at your own discretion


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