I Wish My Teacher K...
By MaajaWentz
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How well do you remember school? This book is for teens and others who wish their elementary or high school experience were better. I'm looking for constructive criticism and opinions to improve learning for the younger generation. I started a website called Creative Teacher Librarian at maajawentz.com. My goal is to help teachers do a better job of reaching students by teaching more creatively. I'm blogging a book there, article-by-article and chapter-by-chapter. There are also author interviews and a newsletter where you can sign up for more about teaching and creativity, as well as updates about my own creative writing. This Wattpad book is for young people. Teens are the perfect advisers for educational reform. They don't share the same prejudices as older people about how schools should work and they can imagine whole new ways of learning. If you have ideas for making learning more engaging and rewarding for students, please send me a message. I can't do this without you. Let me know if you would like a chapter dedicated to you and your opinions. You could also refer your friends to me if they have something to say. Send me a message and let's make school better.

I Wish My Teacher Knew...

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I Wish My...
by MaajaWentz