The Beta and his ma...
By simply_bee-23
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COMPLETED - (book 2) "I stood there for a second, stunned at the fact that a pack wolf had gotten in between two fighting rogues, but when I took in my first deep breath after the adrenaline had wore off I realised why. He was my mate. Crap. I stared at him for a second, taking in the huge grey wolf that was my mate before I turned tail and ran as fast as my injured leg would let me. It had already starting to heal but not enough for me to put all my weight on it. I quickly turned around to to make sure the guy hadn't caught up with me but frowned slightly when I saw that he hadn't even moved an inch from where I left him. That was weird, I thought pack wolves were all about finding their mates" ---- Blaine has lived a hard life, after all being born a rouge isn't easy, but she's getting by. After a chance encounter with the Crescent moon packs Beta (Xavier) her not so simple life is going to get even more crazy. Xavier has never liked rouges, ever since his family was killed in a rouge attack a few years ago. But what happens when your mate, the one you've been waiting your whole life for, turns out to be the one thing you hate? Secrets will be revealed and friendships will be tested in the second book of this series. --- You don't have to read The Alpha and his mate first to understand this book but it does help. #1 trust 17/07/2020 #1 teen-love 06/04/2020 #1 hurt-comfort 17/10/2019 #1 Beta 20/10/2019 #1 Series 10/02/2020 #1 booktwo 26/12/2019 #2 wolf 19/10/2019 #2 Rogue 30/10/2019 #2 Romance 03/05/2020

Chapter One

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The Beta...
by simply_bee-23