The Tourette Diaries
By petra_farca
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"This is Lyla Green. She is...weird. She does strange stuff with her voice and body, it's like she's crazy." This is how a normal person would have described me when I was 14 years old. When I discovered I had Tourette Syndrome and had tics. This is what they saw at first glance, and they never bothered to look closer. "This is Lyla Green. She is 16 years old, tall, and has long brown hair. She is pretty shy, but very caring and creative." This is how a normal person would describe me now. The usual. General facts, appearance and personality traits. If they had looked closer, if they knew me, they would have noticed that this is the same person as before. Just with tics. Did I change that much during that time? No. I was just...different. And that's what scares people. Based on real events. *COMPLETED*

A rough night

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The Toure...
by petra_farca