Percy Jackson And T...
By DrarryMalecSolangelo
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When Fury finds a suspicious file from a kid named Perseus Jackson, he sends some SHIELD agents after him. All of them come back beaten up, none of them really knowing what happened. Because of this, Fury calls the Avengers, as this kid might be more than a simple terrorist if he could take down so many of Fury's highly-trained agents. Or where Percy is annoyed by lots of mortals and is completely done when a group of six comes looking for him. ---- Set after BOO and after the first Avengers movie. Extremely cliché the first like 11 chapters and then not I'm not gonna lie, I've abandoned this fic. It's old and I've gotten tired of it. If I edited it, I'd have to change too much stuff, and I just don't really care enough to do it. So. Only the first few chapters have a somewhat acceptable grammar. But hey at least the plot's original! lol (I also posted it in AO3 and it's a half edited version so the grammar there is way better. I have the same username here and there if you're interested.) Disclaimer: all Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus characters belong to Rick Riordan, while all The Avengers belong to Marvel. Cover art by @inkymint on Tumblr and Instagram, but I made the cover. This story is Percabeth please stop the death threats I swear this is Percabeth stop *cries* Anyway. You may also know this fic as the one in which the Punmaster cult was born, or the Fish Jesus cult, or the one in which the readers took control in the very first paragraph (more like PoV indicator) and started singing Six songs, or the one in which everyone kills each other because Percabeth above any other ship and if anyone says Perachel a murder will happen, or the one in which a long ass debate and analysis of Jason's and Piper's characters happened, or the one in which-


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Percy Jac...
by DrarryMalecSolangelo