Ruby in Red
By ButterflyTypewriter
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Ruby has been the Venon Queen since she was young. She takes great pride in her poisons, making each by hand. Selecting every root and leaf in person. She will do anything for her clients. So when the prince suggests he marries her and leaves her business behind, an anger towards the crown begins. As she plots to overthrow the prince, the North Pack Alpha steps into her life. And she can't help but be inexplicably drawn to him. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• He continues to stare down at me, and lowers his head. His lips meet mine and he closes his eyes. I stand, frozen. I can't move, or break away from him, he's still hugging me tightly against his chest. My arms are pinned to my sides by his. He breaks the kiss looking at me, and smiles. It's not his usual smile. It's cold and calculating. Perhaps I didn't think my plan through fully. "You can by my advisor, but only if you keep this a secret," he whispers into my ear. I nod silently, ignoring the tears that gather below my eyes. I stare straight ahead to see the Alpha I met earlier. His eyes are dark and I see him growl, although I don't hear it. I can't help but feel guilty. I need to go to him, to hug him. To feel his strong arms around me, protecting me. Rankings #78 in "woods" 10/15/19 #10 in "littleredridinghood" 09/15/19 #5 in "werewolflove" 10/13/19 #6 in "littlered" 09/14/19 no

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Ruby in R...
by ButterflyTypewriter