Tamed by Noah
By melodiyuh
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Having failed relationships with men made Melanie O. Salazar gave up in love. She tried. She tried balancing her career and her romance but men are complex beings. They left eventually. They left her with nothing but a broken heart. In search of the right woman who will offer the love that Noah Sebastian has been craving for, he open up his heart. He waited for a woman who got the potential, who he'll love the most and do the same to him. A family gathering made their path crossed. That wasn't the first time they met but that was definitely the first time they found each other interesting. Their eyes and bodies speak the same language. They both know how it feels like to be left behind by someone they love. Noah's fondness to Melanie grew stronger as their vacation in Siargao Island pass day by day. Unable to hold back his desire for the woman, one starry night, he knocked on her cabin and fulfilled their desires and burning passions. However, Melanie isn't an easy woman. Before the sun shine from the East, she was gone. Melanie went hiding. Years past before they met again and by that time, Noah is determined to tame the wildflower.

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Tamed by...
by melodiyuh