Tomboy Tanya
By krithika01
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Highest ranking : #4 humor [03/04/2020] - [05/04/2020] Crop tops, hem tops, cold shoulder tops: No Flannel shirts, comfy t-shirts: Yes Skirts, short shorts: No Trousers, jean pants: Yes Purse, clutch: No Sling bag: Yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Tanya the typical tomboy, except she isn't. All through her school life she had been studying in all girls' school, boarding or not. She hasn't had notable experiences with boys, but the few she did have were not great in any manner. One such experience forces her to change schools again. She is completely sure that she will be changed into yet another girls school, except it isn't. Her parents, wanting to change her ways, make a change in tactics and join her in an all boys school. How will she react? Will she change her ways as her parents wish for? Join Tanya, for whom girls are bitches, boys are bastards, in her journey to her new school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Girls should be silent ones. They should not be talkative. You need -", he turned around to see Tanya nowhere. There was only a note on the desk near where she had been standing. He went closer and read the contents of the paper. "FUCK OFF - Lovable Tanya"

New Tactics

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Tomboy Ta...
by krithika01