Magic And Sin (Seve...
By MadamQuin
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(Various x Reader) In Lioness, witches used to be seen as symbols of power and luck. Not only were they feared, but respected. But, many people grew jealous of the power they held, so in retaliation, they framed witches for countless deaths, that lead to them being seen as unholy beings, and they were soon driven away from Britannia, threatened that if they came near it again, they'd be burned at the stake. While many witches and warlocks grew to hate those of the Kingdom of Britannia, there was a witch who didn't. Her reason for not hating the mortals, was because her husband was one. Furthermore, with her child having human blood coursing her their veins, she just couldn't hate them. But when her warlock betrothed found out about the marriage, he threatened to kill the husband and child on her fourth birthday. So after erasing her memory, she sent her away with her sister, leaving her with a Ruby pendant, hoping that'd she'd be safe where ever she was taken. Years later, {Y/N} grew up to be a powerful witch, one so powerful, the King of Lioness requested that she'd join the Seven Deadly Sins. Known as the Red Witch on the battle field, enemies grew to fear her and her magic said to be able to destroy countless armies. But after the Sins were framed for the murder of Zartaras, Merlin took her to Camelot, Where she decided to learn about her life before she forgot it. So after ten years of hiding, she decided to go to Vanya Village, where she'd be reunited with old comrades and enemies from the past. Little does she know what lies ahead for her...


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Magic And...
by MadamQuin