Is it love: Peter B...
By MiladyEferia
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This story is based on the "'Is It Love?' Mystery Spell: Peter" interactive novel. there are two characters you follow one is main story line And Peters Pov follows a similar story reference to ZenLadyB writing. They can be enjoyed together or separately. Reader Advisory: Sexual content, blood, violence, and harsh language. Hi, my name is Zeva, For two weeks now I've been working as an au pair for a strange family: the Bartholy's. I say strange because, in addition to their ridiculously large mansion. They have the perfect setting for a horror movie, not to mention they are ... particular. Hi, my name is Peter Bartholy, For two weeks now my family, mainly my older brother, has housed an au pair girl to help out with our youngest family member, Lorie. And for exactly two weeks I have been avoiding her. You see I have bad history and plenty of secrets. Original story, names and original idea are the property of 1492 Studios and Claire Zamora. and All rights reserved to 1492 Studios.

Chapter 1 Part 1

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Is it lov...
by MiladyEferia