His Domestic Servan...
By Beyond_my_imagation
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' It took one unique Domestic Servant to move and kill the lonely, scary, cruel monster living inside a broken, lonely businessman ' Justice a 21-year-old young woman gave up her life to embrace the life of work to take care of her poor family. Being someone like Justice who didn't have a choice to give up her life suffered a lot when her father abandoned her and his family. One day her brother got in an accident which broke her heart but it also gave her that opportunity to meet ' him '. A cold, cruel, businessman who suffered during his past and seek revenge in the future by sexual playing with women's hearts, his name was Jay Park. Being the helpless woman she was evenly got a job that caused her to life physically and emotionally. She became his maid, at firstly he was cold, aggressive and demanding towards her but then he fell so hard for her and started to treat her like a princess, his princess. Soon they started to love each other but their relationship started to crack when their past came to hunt them. In the end, Justice's life changed and she lost a very precious life and made two extra precious lives.


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His Domes...
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