The Wolf in Me
By AlphaFemale21
  • Teen Fiction
  • moon
  • mystery
  • teenfiction
  • werewolves


My name is Tessa and I'm searching. Searching for answers on who i am, where i come from and what do these nightmares mean? Do i have a family? A home? Will i ever belong anywhere? Most important what's wrong with me. ~*~*~*~ Tessa Moon Stark is a 19 year old unwillingly rogue shewolf looking for answers. She's found one greatful morning by an unsuspecting pack. The once second largest now the largest in North America takes her in as one of the Omegas without knowing much about her..or do they? What happens when she finally gets close to learning all the answers she wanted? What happens when it's not what she expected..or wanted for that matter. *Authors note: No it is not another abused omega turns beatiful and the alpha suddenly wants her but she plays hard to get and blah blah Not saying that theres anything wrong with those types of just not writing one.


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The Wolf...
by AlphaFemale21