The only one for me...
By nnaj2004
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Wang Yibo who is a singer-actor have a cold appearance that dislike having interaction with other people. He keep distance from other people as he is hard to trust them. Yibo keep on having dreams for almost a year. The only thing that he remember from the dream is 'Weiying' Yibo favorite line is "As if i need a partner to stay alive" Everything change when he met Xiao Zhan, a pretty guy who has a sweet smile that can melt any heart. Xiao Zhan is totally opposite of Yibo. He is caring and friendly. Too friendly that makes someone wants to lock him up and won't let he meet other people. "You can't leave me. You are MINE and ONLY MINE. You are the only one for me." The character in this story is belong to the author of Mo Dao Zu Shi novel. The plot is mine so there might be different from the novel. This is BL story. Don't read if you don't like it. This is my first time writing a story so forgive my grammar, my plot and my way of describing and explaining things. Hope you enjoy it !


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The only...
by nnaj2004