Reborn: The Unexpec...
By ShinSungmii
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In her last life, Jinhee was betrayed by both her talented bestfriend, Taehee, and her idol boyfriend, Jaehyun, and she realized that when she walked upon the scene of them both kissing. Now that she has gotten the chance to be reborn, she made sure to steer clear of both of them and let them have their romance without humiliating herself to a pathetic state. Revenge awaits those who wronged her in the previous life. A twin sister who bullies her? A family who is indifferent to her? Prevent the death of only person who cares about her? Stop her scheming uncle? Find the mysterious and powerful backer behind her sister? She was all in for it. Mysteries kept piling up in front of Jinhee, and things were much different from how they appeared in her previous life. However, why did it seem like there is something wrong with the plot? Was this really the same world? Why was her best friend so clingy and weird? Why was her previous boyfriend the one chasing after her when it was the opposite case before? Nonetheless, Jinhee wouldn't let them both change her determination to avoid them, and this time, she won't let herself be ridiculed by anyone. A highschool story filled with drama! If you take it as usual backstabbing friend and cheater boyfriend story, I'd have to disappoint you since that is too mainstream. ___________ "I'm chasing you," A certain idol confessed. "Don't think you can easily get rid of me," A certain bestfriend spoke out. ____________ Published on Ficfun and Webnovel under the same name. Soon to be posted on RoyalRoad _______

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Reborn: T...
by ShinSungmii