City of Shadows
By jazzygirl_19
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SEQUEL TO CITY OF SECRETS It has been three months since Ember Fairose defeated Jacob Ashwright, and the Shadow World has been lulled into a certain sense of peace, or so it seems. In the New York Institute, Ember is leading the seemingly perfect life-she is raising her ten month-old daughter alongside her fiancé, Jonathan Morgenstern, has her loyal parabatai, Isabelle Lightwood, standing by her side, and has the help and love of all of her friends and family, not to mention that everyone in the Shadow World seems to know her name and face. Ember is presented with new chances and opportunities, but finds herself feeling unsure of the ideas of the future everyone is creating for her. To make matters worse, a familiar evil emerges from the shadows, stronger than ever, calling Ember back to the battlefield. The hope of finally achieving peace in the Shadow World shatters, as does Ember's hopes of living a simple, uncomplicated life with her family. Suddenly the perfect life doesn't seem perfect anymore. Tensions appear in places she never thought possible when a person from Jonathan's past makes an unwelcome reappearance, shaking them to the core with a surprising revelation, and suddenly she finds herself questioning the only thing she never thought she would ever have doubts about. It's bad enough to live with secrets, but when shadows are added to the mix, darkness always follows, and, well- Facilis descensus averno. Yes, the descent into hell is easy, and if there's anything Ember Fairose has learned in the Shadow World, it's that we are all so much lovelier when we fall.

Prologue: The Rogue Shadowhunter II

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City of S...
by jazzygirl_19