Her Foresight | Ara...
By jesseknows
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They haunted her dreams. Wizards. Warriors. Kings. Dark Lords. Beings of ethereal beauty. Flying cars. Protective trees. Adara's dreams were always so vivid. She blamed it on her reading addiction. Some days she'd dream she was a demigod. Others she was a witch at Hogwarts. Last night she'd dreamt that she was in Rivendell except when she woke, she found that maybe it really wasn't a dream. "I don't understand. This isn't how it was supposed to happen. The story wasn't supposed to be like this." "I write my own story. I make my own choices. And I choose you. I choose to love you...." ~ Aragorn/OC Also posted on AO3 and FanFiction.Net

Chapter One: Welcome to Imladris

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Her Fores...
by jesseknows