Burnt Soul
By inkomaniac
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I grabbed his collar harshly, causing him to face me and slapped him with all my might, across his left cheek. The sound of that slap resonated in that hell hole causing a pin- drops silence and spiking inside me an adrenaline rush. My heart was thudding loud in my chest, tears springing up in my eyes as I spat the words "You are a monster". "You know what, like people need air, water and food to survive; men like you need a woman's vulnerability to survive, to feed their feeble male ego. Yes, that's what keeps you get going. Her helplessness, her submission is like a fuel to your self confidence." ************ This is not a typical story of a helpless girl and a male tyrant. No, this is a mysterious story of a wounded lioness and a betrayed tiger where the supposed victim has everything planned and the culprit is absolutely ignorant of what's happening. Follow their journey to unravel the darkest truths and un-knit every single thread from the web of conspiracy that was woven long ago. P.S: Cover credit: @sbkarmapens

Chapter 1

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Burnt Soul
by inkomaniac