Black & Blue He...
By cosmoprincessx
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Emilia Hummel has finally got back what she had before; her popularity, her cheer uniform, and most importantly her head Cheerio status, even if it is with Becky Jackson, who can be a bit bitchy at times. She has finally become brave enough to show who she really is, showing off her new girlfriend, Santana, to anyone and everyone. However, when two familiar faces from her past show up and remind her of the promises that had been agreed between them, Emilia realizes that she cannot only lose her status and her relationship, but also her life. Based on seasons 3-4 of Glee. I do not own the characters or plot, all credit goes to Ryan Murphy. I only own Emilia and Jackson, and their plot lines.

I \\ The Purple Piano Project

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Black &am...
by cosmoprincessx