Am I a Killer? (Mal...
By MFParzival
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(Title pending) For as long as you can remember you have been trained by your father to be an assassin. After 18 years of killing against your will you are saved by Team Rainbow and join their ranks. This is a story of you learning to be a normal person and not just a killing machine that you were made to be, using the six team to guide you through these confusing and scary times. I would just likek to clarify I don't own any characters who appear in the story all rights belong to Ubisoft (Im pretty sure) (Note: This is the first story I've ever written and don't even know if ill get far into it, but if you do read please let me know what you think, and I'm always happy for advice on my writing and story)

Intro to me (The Author)

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Am I a Ki...
by MFParzival