Tangled Hearts
By duckysanta
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"He was dream of millions of fans and women.. Still he yearns for her." "He was everything a girl wants in her dream guy. He was polite, calm and mysterious, handsome and successful model, singer and actor." "He has everything still has nothing. he was loved and demanded by millions yet he was never loved back." Felix Dante Velez was hottest Spanish American actor and successful supermodel. He was on top of the industry for six years continously and had everything. Money, fame, fans, followers, success. Just name it. But still he was lonely and heartbroken by the only girl he ever loved since childhood. Summer Davis was normal girl with dream of becoming a singer in her eyes but something happened six years ago and her life changed forever. Since childhood Summer and Felix were always together. He was her shadow and knew her needs, likes and dislikes but they drifted apart. But destiny has something else planned for both of them. So they kept meeting with tangled hearts.

Unexpected Meeting

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Tangled H...
by duckysanta