Shane Dawson &...
By thecodyfern
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"Guys! Today, as part of YN's initiation to the squad, I'll be surprising her with one of her celebrity crushes!" Shane gushes as he looks into the camera eagerly. "She's basically like me and even though I hate that I'm saying that because who would want to be me? She makes me laugh because of our similar thinking." Shane briefly inhaled as he feels good about his plans. "I basically feel like a bigger, physically, Ellen Degeneres." He joked, suddenly laughing into the camera before making a shook face. - - - This idea was all mine after binge watching almost three hours of Shane Dawson's content. I have learned so much about his mannerisms and jokes. I know about his squad and my specific inspiration for this video is the blind dating videos and Josh Peck surprise. Specifically it was Andrew Siwicki x Megan Batoon, Garrett Watts x Alex, Morgan Adams meets Josh Peck. Enjoy this short story! AN: I guess this is my early birthday gift for Sebastian Stan. Thank you for reading :) Cover: @marve-llous #2 in Shane Dawson

Chapter One: The Vlog

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Shane Daw...
by thecodyfern