new york elites
By swrites_11
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"baby stand up.." I heard my mom whisper as she pushes my hair out of my face. "You need to stop waiting for someone to rescue you." She sighs seeing my tears. "One day no one will come, you will be alone in the world. Now get up my love." She says with a tight smile as she pulls me up, wiping away my tears. - Oakley Cove wasn't someone you wanted to cross, she knew how to hold her head high. She grew up in a small yet busy town in Italy. Her mother was a fashion designer for the wealthy, her father a businessman. She was doing fine until her father told her she was going to New York to attend a new school. A boarding school for the children of some of the richest men and women of the world. Now meet Roland Ronan, leader of the North mafia. He has four younger brothers, their father built a chain of businesses and hotels across the united states, that are now his. Making them one of the richest families in the world. What happens when Oakleys father becomes Mr.Ronans new partner. Will she finally find out what goes on behind her back in her family. Will she be pushed into the Mafia life. Her brother apart of the North's inner circle. Meaning she is with the North but what happens when the East and West sides start wanting her as well. How will Oakley handle being thrown into the hands of the Mafia? Read to find out :) - mature content/mature themes - started: august 6, 2019 ended: - december 4, 2020 edited: - - In the process of being edited! plot holes and spelling mistakes oops Also i probably missed used the wrong there/their over a billion times so i apologize for that. I'm dyslexic n not the best when it comes to editing. I'm trying to edit as best and as fast as I can. Thank you for understanding! Read with caution :) BUT PLEASE still read. (Chapters with a bold Edited at the top should have few to none mistakes.)

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new york...
by swrites_11