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By rainyylovegood
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Esmeralda Avery looked up at the gloomy Parisian sky above her. The grey clouds swirled in endless circles, releasing rain that slowly pattered onto her cheeks. It had been twelve long years since she had set foot in England. Twelve long years since Lord Voldemort had died. She had felt an unimaginable weight lifted from her shoulders, the young woman was truly at peace now. "You're home?" The brunette turned to see none-other than the raven-haired Regulus Black stood on the stone step leading up to their quaint cream home. "It's been a while." A small smile emerged on his face and he adjusted the newspaper he had tucked under his arm. "I'm not saying I missed you." Esme laughed lightly, "But I did note your absence, and I wasn't happy about it." "Missed you too." He wrapped his arms around her tightly. Little did the reunited couple know, but a newspaper was soon to arrive on their doorstep, which would torpedo them back into the wizarding war they had so desperately tried to escape over a decade ago. Their worst fears had come true - the years of suffering they went through to escape the Dark Lord were all in vain, as he had returned. Except now there was a teenage boy that could be their key to ending Lord Voldemort once and for all. Esme and Regulus weren't done saving lives yet. (Sequel to Hiraeth)


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by rainyylovegood