Nothing Personal
By Poojaaqua
  • Romance
  • arranged
  • assistant
  • baby
  • ceo
  • marriage
  • millionaire


Multi-millionaire casino owner Ryan McKay needs a bride in a hurry, and the one he chose has just backed out, which means he could lose his company within hours. He doesn't know the meaning of the word failure, so he's scrambling for Plan B and not happy that the ridiculous terms of his grandfather's will have backed him into a corner. So when his shy but dedicated executive assistant Faith Lewis tells him she'll do everything in her power to make sure he succeeds, she's shocked to realize Plan B involves her-in other words, he wants to marry her. Like right now. Faith reluctantly agrees, burying the heavy crush she's had on Ryan for years. But the shy virgin is going to have to live with, sleep with, and reveal many secrets to the enigmatic man who sees this as a logical business deal. Faith's been holding out for love, and that four letter word isn't in Ryan's vocabulary after being raised by a cold, loveless family. But love very rarely follows the rules of business or logic, and this business deal is about to get very personal.


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Nothing P...
by Poojaaqua