Dark Magic and Assa...
By DragonRiderEXE
  • Fantasy
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  • assassin
  • battle
  • betrayal
  • dark
  • dragons
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The 2nd Installment to the Book 1 of the Shadow Chronicles. . . A new adventure writ in shadows, wielded by steel, and awaited in betrayal shakes Astrania once more. . . Pentus once again finds himself trapped in an inevitable war between the Empire and his own kingdom. But that's not all, leading the army towards the destruction of his city is his once best friend. Determined to stop him, despite his father's protests he sneaks out of the castle and through the battlefield in hopes of swaying his friend free from the clutches of the Emperor's manipulation. Except much has changed and his rival remains determined to set out on his own and gain in power. He warns the prince of the assassins hired to kill him led by none other than their greatest, the Assassin Lord Akranhor who's own past ties with another of Pentus's closest allies. Hoping to stop the threat before it can land and seeking answers, he heads out back into foreign lands swarmed with hostility. Can he stop the Assassin Lord - the leader of an army of trained killers and one of the most wanted man in all of Astrania - armed with naught else but a sword, the novice knowledge of magic, and his wits, however burdened to the thoughts of rescuing the bitter friend who he was forced to abandon. To the man who has killed thousands, Pentus will be needing more than his luck to stop from becoming the next count.

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Dark Magi...
by DragonRiderEXE